A Study of "Creative workshop of the Future"

FABSPACE project aims to discover and prototype the "Creative workshop of the future". The goal of the project to involve many people to speculate and practice its possibility by sharing our process and data. Our ultimate goal is to allow people to "produce" the space actively in their lives. In other words, we believe that building a personal environment by ourselves is the first change that "creative workshop of the future" will bring. The "Arts and Crafts" classes teach the joy and the ability to create through a particular practice of making something by yourself. And the ultimate practice would be producing a space. "Creative workshop of the future" might be something that you build by your own hands.

How will creative workshop of the future look like? Recently, the environment for crafting is changing. From silently and independent work with a desk and chair to a relaxing space with soothing music, from the competitive environment to the co-working environment where discussions are made frankly. In addition, changes can also be seen in activities around it. Not only conventional crafting with blades and bonds, but also activities such as data making with computer and electronic soldering to add actions to your works are combined. Giving shape to this new working environment was our first intention for starting this project. The project presented here is our answer to this new environment, and it is not a universally correct answer. We are hoping that these designs are not just used and consumed as it is, but revised and changed depending on what you think the "creative workshop of the future" might be. FABSPACE aims to be a platform for that.


FABSPACEプロジェクトは、「未来の図工室」について考え、試作するものです。同時に、そのプロセスやデータを共有することで、多くの方にその可能性について一緒に思索してもらい、その実践をしてもらうことを目的としています。我々が最終的に目指しているのは、人々が能動的に空間を”生産”し、生活していくこと。つまり、自分の身の回りの環境構築を自分で出来るようになることが、未来の図工室で起こりうる最初の出来事であると考えています。図画工作(Arts and Crafts)の授業とは、自分の手で好きなようにモノを作るトレーニングを通して、作り出す喜びを味わい、創造活動の基礎能力を育てるものです。そして、その究極的な工作対象は空間であると考えています。未来の図工室とは、未来の図工を経験した未来のあなた方自身が作り上げるものなのかもしれません。


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